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We paid for their service for several months and ultimately were not happy. One of the reasons we signed up with them was their "money back guarantee".

When we called to cancel, we were jerked around, put on hold and transferred for 45 minutes before being hung up on. Just found out their "money back guarantee" is only after a year of high-priced payments, and they say they will refund you "your money or equivalent service", these people are high-priced *** artists, save your money and do it yourself.

I made 4 months of payments and the only advice they gave me was to open a secure credit card, and they removed 1 item from my credit! Thieves and liars, don't throw your money away!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of credit unlimited credit repair service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $500. Credit Unlimited needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1213081

The warranty was clearly explained on their website.


This is such a fake and comment! First of all, it's impossible to be on hold for 45 minutes with their phone system.

I repeat, it is IMPOSSIBLE to be on hold for 45 minutes as the phones kick back to a representative after 1 or 2 minutes. Credit Unlimited does NOT tell people to open up a line of credit. Credit Unlimited fixes people's credit; they don't tell people to acquire more debt. I'm curious if you even know what you (so called paid) As i'm 100% positive this is a false Slanderous claim at Credit Unlimited.

I know their prices are of the least expensive of the top 5 credit repair companies to work with. If people really want to know how terrible Credit Unlimited will treat you, just call them a call and you'll see for yourself how quick this claim is wrong and you should not be on this website. What company do you know has better prices? This post, is either done by the owner of this website, or, another competitor in the credit repair industry.

I doubt this comment will be posted as the owners of this website, are probably behind every slanderous lie or bad claim against Credit Unlimited. Or, it'll be posted and removed within a day or two.

You should be sued for making up such sites that are untrue.

to Anonymous #1362145

Credit Unlimited told me exactly what the reviewer has stated in their complaint (except for the 45 minute hold part). I had called after 3 months of service without 1 item being removed to cancel service and was told by a manager to open 3-5 credit cards to raise my score.

He sent me an email on some cards I could get with my score of low 600's. After my signing up with the service my scores have dropped and 3 of my good paid loans have now stopped reporting payments, I don't know if this is just a coincidence or not yet. It just seems odd. I have very few lines of derogatory credit and some paid collections that they couldn't get removed in 4 months.

The promises made before becoming a client and delivery of results after receiving payment are quite far apart in my opinion. The response to this review is similar to the phone conversation I had this afternoon with the manager when I called to inquire about my account and ultimately to cancel my account. I had asked about the guarantee mentioned to me at the time I singed up for the service and was told that wasn't their policy by the manager. After canceling the service and ending the first call with him, I checked the website and saw the warranty that states after 12 months if the have limited results they will refund some of the money.

I called back and left a message.

Later that day I received a call back from the same manager I spoke with earlier and he stated that the company didn't have a money back guarantee but instead has a warranty on their service and he would be more than happy to continue the service till the 12 months expired and may be eligible for a partial refund. This information is supplied at the time of signing up and on the website.

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